Legal notice

  • Legal notice

Concept of user

The use of the Web sets the condition of User and implies the full and unconditional acceptation of all the clauses included and described in the present document published by COBANO DESIGN S.L. (further HeLLO! artworks). The Users are invited to consult this document each time they use the Web, for it may suffer modifications.

Information about the links

HeLLO! artworks is not responsible for the Webs it doesn’t own that can be accessed through the links nor for any content introduced by third parties.
Any use of the links or access to content not owned by HeLLO! artworks is done free willingly by the Users and is their responsibility. HeLLO! artworks is not recommending neither guarantees the content of these other Webs, and cannot be made responsible for any loss, claim or damage that may derivate from the use or misuse of these links, nor for the information obtained through it including other links or Webs, nor for service interruption. HeLLO! artworks is not responsible for the use or misuse of links would it be on connecting to the HeLLO! artworks Web or by accessing to third party Web information from the HeLLO! artworks Web.

Responsability limitation

The information and services included or available on the Web may contain small errors or typographic mistakes. Changes and corrections are regularly introduced to the available information. HeLLO! artworks can, at any moment, introduce updates and/or changes in the services to the services or contents.

HeLLO! artworks got the information and material included in the Web from sources considered as trustful, however although these measures have been taken to ensure that the information is correct, it is not guaranteed that it is thorough and updated.

Information on the exemption of all the responsibility derived from a technical and content incident

HeLLO! artworks declines all responsibility in the eventuality of Web service or Web content interruption or malfunction, whatever would be the cause of it. In the same way, HeLLO! artworks is not responsible for any network interruptions, loss of data and/or business occurred as consequence of these interruptions, electrical interruptions, or any other kind of interruptions.
HeLLO! artworks does not assure nor guarantee that that the services or contents will not be interrupted or that they are error free, that the errors will be corrected nor that the service or server that makes it available are virus free or malware free, nevertheless HeLLO! artworks does put all its efforts in preventing such eventualities. In the eventuality that the User takes decisions or undertake actions based on the information found on the HeLLO! artworks Web, it is strongly recommended to crosscheck the said information with other sources.

Industrial and intellectual property

The reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any kind of public exploitation regarding any content of the Web is formally prohibited without the relevant former written approval and consent of HeLLO! artworks.

Hence, all the content shown on the Web, especially designs, texts, graphics, logotypes, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, brands, industrial designs or any other signs having potential industrial applications are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of HeLLO! artworks.

The content, images, shapes, opinions, indexes and further formal expressions part of the web pages, including the software required for their proper displaying are protected by the national and international conventions of intellectual and industrial protection laws. Infraction to the mentioned will imply the undertaking of illicit acts and passable of civil and penal sanctions.

This means that it is forbidden to reproduce, distribute, expose, share, broadcast in any way, store on any physical or logical supports (including floppy disks, hard drives, CD, DVD for instance), digitalize, or to store in databases alien to those belonging to or authorized by HeLLO! artworks, along with any translation, adaptation, modification or any further transformation of the content made available on the Web; this content being protected by the legislation applicable in the matter of Industrial and Intellectual Property and Image Protection.

HeLLO! artworks is free to limit the access to its Web page as well as to the content and/or services provided on it. HeLLO! artworks is also free to limit the publication of opinions, observations, images or comments that the Users may transmit through email.

HeLLO! artworks can apply filters it considers relevant to avoid that content expressing racist, xenophobic, discriminative, pornographic, slandering ideas or that would promote violence or illegal content and/or ideas from its Web.

Unless the contrary is clearly mentioned, it is understood that the Users that send observations, opinions or comments through email to HeLLO! artworks’s commercial department explicitly allow HeLLO! artworks for them to be reproduced, distributed, exposed, transmitted, broadcasted, stored on physical or logical supports (such as hard drives, disks…) digitalized, set available from relevant HeLLO! artworks owned databases, translated, adapted, corrected or to be transformed in any way, this in agreement with the author rights and protection as defined by the law.

In the same way, it is understood that this authorization is made for free, and that by the simple fact of sending it by email, the Users renounce to any remuneration claims for it.

In agreement with the former paragraph, HeLLO! artworks has the right to modify and/or adapt the observations, opinions or comments depending layout necessities of the Web page design without being liable of any lesion to the author rights that the author could claim over it.

It is prohibited for any third party to use any technical, technological or logical means to beneficiate, directly or indirectly, in a lucrative way or not, of the whole or part of the content, shapes, indexes, or expressions being part of the HeLLO! artworks Web pages.

Any links, hyperlinks or framing of any HeLLO! artworks Web pages is strictly forbidden without former written approval from HeLLO! artworks. Any transgression of the latter will be considered as an infraction to the Intellectual and Industrial Property rights and will be prosecuted accordingly.

HeLLO! artworks does not assume any responsibility for the consequences derived from the previously mentioned behaviors, in the same way, HeLLO! artworks will not assume responsibility for the content, services, products, etc. of third parties which can be accessed directly or through banners, links, hyperlinks framing or in any similar way from the HeLLO! artworks Web.